28 August 2022: 10 More Miles!

With an extra ten miles on my trip after retreating to Marigot Bay in St Lucia, would it mean the difference between arriving in the light and arriving in the dark?

26 August 2022: RETREAT!

I am lucky to have seen this beautiful area a bit and even more fortunate to have great friends looking out for me, but when an area becomes too unsafe to stay you get out of there as quick as you can. Especially when you are a solo sailor!

19 August 2022: Bucketlist!

The place in the Caribbean I was looking most forward to seeing (and missed last time around) was finally my next destination!

15 August 2022: Rip The Bandaid

Staying stationary for so long and the buildup of ‘sailing solo’ became intimidating again. It did not help that everything kept breaking so it was easier to stay where the good marine stores were. But it was time, hurricane season is coming closer to peak season and all my friends had left Martinique so I was ready to go too!

3 June 2022: 0.8 KNOTS!?

Normally catching sunset as I drop anchor is all part of a typical day, not this time. Not my favorite end to what had already been a long and tiring day sailing.